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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Aug 9, 2021

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In this episode Jodie Meschuk tells the story of her son’s journey from vaccine injury to healing autism naturally and completely outside of the system. From humbling herself in vulnerable conversation with a close friend, to taking full ownership of her son’s healing, to standing up and speaking out bigger and bolder than ever, Jodie exemplifies what it truly means to breathe FIRE as a mother defending her kids. This episode will melt your heart and fuel your soul in a way only mama bears can. 


Jodie Meschuk is a warrior, author, activist, coach, and companion. She partners with parents to demand more, be it from their doctor, the school district, or local government. Autism-turnaround expert and natural wellness coach, Jodie leads her membership group of Warriors to advocate for children and link arms to effect change. 


She has published two books, created a line of provocative merchandise, and will never wear a mask. You can find her on a mountain hike, teaching an online class on alternative medicine, baking with her kids, or traveling to speaking engagements. She is a freedom-fighter and a change-maker, and has an army of parents right behind her.


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