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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Sep 19, 2022

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In this episode, Dan Doty and Dr. Stan dive deep into the world of fatherhood – how the role of a father can be transformed as a result of doing “the work,” how crucial a father’s role is, the often unrealized potential that fathers have inside them, and the importance of positively contributing to the world our children will inherit from us. Be sure to listen to the entire episode so you don’t miss an extremely powerful meditation from Dan. Enjoy!


Dan Doty is a father, husband, meditation teacher, men's work leader, and wilderness guide. He was the former co-founder of EVRYMAN and the director of hit tv show MeatEater. His current practice includes supporting dads via Fatherhood Unlocked and leading groups into the wilderness to help men contact their inner strength and confidence. In his spare time, Dan loves to meditate, camp, wrestle his kids, and go on dates with his wife.


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