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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Feb 27, 2023

This is an important solocast for the men out there, especially dads.  Dr. Stan shares more details on his experience with the Apogee Strong Dads Program and the mentorship and support he has received.  This program was created by Matt Beaudreau @mattbeaudreau and Tim Kennedy @timkennedymma, and provides a cooperative, collaborative, and cohesive community where men can build and strengthen their natural god-given abilities.  


As society continues to trample and weaken the masculinity of our men, the Apogee Strong Dads Program provides a pivotal beacon for men that haven’t yet tapped into their full potential.  Dr. Stan calls on all men, especially dads, to get involved with this program in some capacity.  For more information on how you or the men in your lives can get involved, please visit


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