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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Apr 3, 2023

Humans have the right to speak–to express their voices and concerns, especially when human lives are involved. However, there are certain entities who aim to stop that from happening—either they are afraid to let the public know the truth, they don’t want to be held accountable, or they want to have sole control of how the information gets utilized. In a nutshell, too much censorship is bad for public image and simply means trying to hide something you don’t want people to know!

Today, we are so blessed to have Dr. James Huang, a chiropractor, freedom fighter, and expert in Professional Applied Kinesiology.  In this episode he will discuss a wide range of topics including how to overcome fear, the effects of censorship on society, why 5G and chemtrails are harmful to our health, stories of chiropractic miracles during the pandemic, and why normalizing abortion is problematic. Tune in to this knowledgeable episode of the Future Generations Podcast with your host, Dr. Stanton Hom!


  • “When you give someone hope, it takes away a lot of fear.” – Dr. James Huang 
  • “Censorship is controlling; it's where we're being controlled. And it shutdowns creativity and freedom.” – Dr. James Huang 
  • “The future generation is not going to happen so much if there's an increase in abortion” – Dr. James Huang 

Key Takeaways:

  • People mostly live in fear because they don’t think there is a solution for what they are going through. That’s why giving people hope by letting them know there is a solution will take out their fear and stand up again.

  • Censorship controls freedom, and they will do everything to stop people from making an impact. But remember that they can’t censor people everywhere, and person-to-person interaction is still available for us to speak and make an impact.

  • The complicated process of how babies are created and born is miraculous. Sadly, people normalized the termination of pregnancy to the point that it is now easily accessible.


[01:09] – Introducing Dr. James's personal and professional life

[02:56] – Why did being an athlete lead Dr. James on the path to healing and overcoming fear?

[10:33] – Dr. James shares his story of being censored on social media

[14:47] – What are the effects of censorship?

[18:39] – Why 5G and chemtrails are targeted to be censored.

[26:10] – What is Dr. James's purpose and mission this year?

[28:43] – Dr. James tells  stories of chiropractic miracles during the pandemic

[33:03] – What are the common traits of the patients that are treated?

[37:35] – Dr. James shares his childhood story of why he is against abortion

[40:52] –  What does the future look like?

[48:20] – What is the thing that people should take action on?


Although we can be censored in social media, humans still have the power of in-person interactions to spread the truth and make an impact. Nothing can stop us, not even censorship, from speaking for what is right and fighting for our freedom. Furthermore, people nowadays do not know the value of life and how complicated creating life is. If we just realize how miraculous it is, it’ll help us have the mindset that abortion should not be normalized and every life born in this world is important.


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