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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Sep 11, 2023

Censorship is a growing concern today and poses a significant threat to the very essence of a free and open society. When information is censored or restricted, it hampers the free exchange of ideas and inhibits public discourse. The consequences are far-reaching, as they not only limit individual expression but also undermine the transparency and accountability of institutions. Censorship erodes the foundation of a democratic society, stifling the diversity of voices that are essential for the progress of society and informed decision-making.

This week, we welcome back Dr. Ben Tapper. Currently, he is a pivotal figure at the forefront of a landmark lawsuit against censorship. The conversation delves into the profound significance of this legal battle, and the broader context of societal norms, values, and the erosion of a free society's foundation. You won’t want to miss this highly relevant episode of the Future Generations Podcast with your host, Dr. Stanton Hom!


“We just have to be proactive in this fight, stop being complacent, and have that conviction to speak the truth boldly because the people are listening and starving for it.” – Ben Tapper

“Just focus on value. Money will follow value and people will pay.” – Ben Tapper

“In times of tyranny, evil, and oppression, that's when our voices must be the loudest.” – Ben Tapper

Key Takeaways:

  • Empower yourself by actively joining the fight, rejecting complacency, and boldly voicing the truth that people are eager to hear.

  • Shift your focus to providing value, and in doing so, you'll naturally attract financial support as people recognize and appreciate what you offer.

  • During periods of tyranny and oppression, it's crucial for our voices to rise as powerful beacons of resistance and change.


[01:56] – Dr. Hom introduces Dr. Ben

[06:00] – Fighting for a free society

[17:25] – How you can uphold convictions amidst contradictions

[23:28] – Rediscovering purpose

[33:44] – Healing by removing obstructions

[41:41] – A story of unveiling miracles

[52:16] – Protecting our voice and future generations


Censorship undermines open societies by suppressing diverse viewpoints and free discussions. It's crucial to counteract this trend to ensure progress and informed decision-making. Embracing open dialogue safeguards our collective growth and development as a free society.


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