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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Apr 17, 2023

Many have not studied the extensive details of history and are unaware that the Nazi government extended well beyond Germany. The Nazis were supported, aided, and assisted by multinational corporations such as the US, British, Swiss, and Swedish corporations. By the end of the war, these ties and relationships were swiftly buried or covered up.

Today, we are extremely fortunate to have Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor and human rights advocate. She speaks about her experiences as a survivor and her purpose and mission to spread the truth of history about medical censorship, the denial of all legal and constitutional rights, and the universal human right to voluntary informed consent. If you're concerned about where we're going as a species and as a humanity, and if you care about our future generations living in a society free of the dictatorial onslaught we've witnessed over the last three years, you must recognize Vera's story and spread the word to your family and friends.


  • “People do not study history anymore. They do not, in reality, study the humanities. Science and technology are the only things that matter right now. And this has lowered people's overall perception of the world, themselves, and their rights.” - Vera Sharav
  • “People are not thinking critically and do not trust their own judgment. And truly, you must always trust your own judgment, because if you don't trust yourself, why should anyone else?” - Vera Sharav
  • “The fact that children are immune from many of the viruses tells [us] that our immune system is what we have to protect, not social distance, and all this kind of nonsense.”  - Vera Sharav

Key Takeaways:

  • Some people nowadays do not see the importance of knowing history. They don't realize that the Bill of Rights was made for a reason. And those who created both the Bill of Rights and the Constitution debated vigorously over how to write these fundamental rights and the legal structure for the society. And now they treat it as though it's just something that doesn't actually affect them.

  • People have been conditioned to feel that they must obey authority without questioning, evaluating what they are being told, and what they are plainly asked to do. Then it just happens before you think about it. That is the problem.

  • The immune system is extraordinarily complicated and works very well unless it is interfered with. The injection attempts to control the immune system to fool it, so it turns against the body. That's why it's a weapon. Instead of protecting us, the immune system was attacking. 



[05:14] The Alliance for Human Research Protection

[13:27] The lack of teaching the History

[20:04] Eugenics separates people according to a value system

[23:53] Liability-free environment

[26:09] Dictatorship

[28:21] “Never Again” - a five-part series documentary

[36:20] The problem of not trusting your own judgment

[45:07] Purpose and mission of Vera

[52:36] What do you see for humanity? 

[1:01:14] Faith and trust


Vera Sharav shares an amazing documentary called Never Again. It's a five-part series that includes survivors of the holocaust people, their children, and grandchildren, of different families from different parts of the world, what their experience was then, and how they view what has been going on now. It gives a perspective about the multinational corporations that were pulling the puppet strings of the Holocaust that are actually multinational corporations that still exist today. 

We must understand that they can only have power if we follow. Their main strength is obedience. They're done if they don't obtain our obedience. Don't lose hope. Always keep in mind that your obedience is how they keep us enslaved.



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