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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Sep 28, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Daniel Bronstein brings a powerful message of hope, healing and transformation that is experienced by those who find pediatric and prenatal chiropractic. Fueled by his unique background and experience, clinical expertise and his heart and fire for chiropractic miracles, Dr. Bronstein lays it out very simply chiropractic miracles are found every day in clinics like his. 

Dr Bronstein’s passion lies in caring for children and families. As a chiropractor, he has performed research and written multiple articles on the chiropractic care of children and has focused a core of his practice on the management of chronic birth trauma and pelvic distortion in pregnancy. He maintains an active blogging presence and regularly contributes to multiple progressive health-related news outlets. 

He graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2003 and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2010, graduating magna cum laude from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Additionally, Dr. Bronstein is Webster-Certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, is certified by the American College of Chiropractic Pediatrics and is an instructor for Tonal Pediatric Analysis, a technique system that allows chiropractors to gently and precisely analyze and adjust children of all ages.


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