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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

May 17, 2021

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In this episode, Michelle Harvey tells a heart wrenching story of her family being kicked off a Southwest flight because her 2.5 year old would not keep his mask on. She reveals a passion for holistic and natural health after healing her body and mind and was able to conceive and birth after years of being deemed ‘infertile’ by the conventional medical model. Her miracle child is who she fights for everyday, now more than ever. 

Michelle is a certified life coach, a passionate and outspoken blogger, and an award-winning public speaker. A rule-follower all the way up to her twenties, she hit thirty and realized that she was still sick, still tired, and still living other people's truths. Blasting into the world of holistic wellness, she slowly watched her life transform into one with vitality and high vibrational energy. 

She is now the mother of a spirited 2.5 year old son (who just got them kicked off an airplane), and she's raising him to be an essential oil loving, conscious, passionate, and expressive human being. A former middle school science teacher, she has a heart for children and has made it her mission to unmask these young souls in the school setting and on public transportation so that families with young children can fly. 

Her three words are wonder, whimsy, and wild...and she's here to envision, create, and manifest a world where her son can fully embody his wild--unencumbered and without fear. 


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