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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

May 31, 2021

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In this episode, Dr. Tom Cowan stands firm on the fact that the contagion myth remains an unproven ‘theory’ that has never truly been questioned like it is today. In a poised but very direct and intellectual way, he offers an opportunity for all of us to question societal dogmas about viruses, genes and virtually all perspectives used to control humanity in order to free us from the house of cards that is the source of the persistent, pervasive and destructive fear promulgated by the powers that be. 

Dr. Thomas Cowan is a well-known alternative medicine doctor, author and speaker, with a common-sense, holistic approach to health and wellness. He has given countless lectures and workshops throughout the U.S. on a variety of subjects in health and medicine and is the author of six books. Recent publications include "The Contagion Myth” co-authored by Sally Fallon Morell, “Cancer and the New Biology of Water” and "Human Heart, Cosmic Heart." 

Until his recent retirement from active practice, Dr. Cowan had a general-medical practice, first in upstate New York, then for 17 years in Peterborough, N.H., and for 17 years in San Francisco. He was a founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and currently serves as its vice president. 

Dr. Cowan continues to actively lecture and interview, sharing information via his website,, where he also offers many of the products he has used personally and in his practice. Additionally, Dr. Cowan offers high-quality beyond-organic vegetable powders and kitchen staples on his website. 

Dr. Cowan lives with his wife, Lynda, on rural farmland in Upstate New York. He has three children, one stepson and six thriving grandchildren.


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