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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Jun 12, 2023

When you hear the word agriculture, what comes to your mind? Surely, many will answer, farming. However, most people do not recognize that agriculture extends way beyond the planting and cultivation of crops. This lack of understanding disconnects us from our home, the earth, and our ultimate well-being.

Today, we are blessed to have Evan Folds, Soil Agronomist,  impact entrepreneur, regenerative business strategist, and founder of the consulting platform Be Agriculture. He discusses the importance of searching for the answers in a world of unknowns, and expressing our purpose in life that aligns with our beliefs. Don't miss this phenomenal episode of the Future Generations Podcast with your host, Dr. Stanton Hom!


“We're a part of agriculture, whether we like it or not, we're agricultural beings.” – Evan Folds

“Agriculture is more than farming; for example, eating is an agricultural act. So the lens is really on food, farming, and health. And if we understand that the way we eat and the way that we've farmed has an impact on the human environmental health, we will realize how important agriculture is. ” – Evan Folds

“Be a farmer; start a garden. That's one of the more powerful revolutionary acts that you could undertake.” – Evan Folds

Key Takeaways:

-        We humans are a part of agriculture, and that is a fact. In the first place, humans are agricultural beings, meaning that without agriculture, we can’t live.

-     In contrast to what the general public thinks, agriculture is not just about farming but also involves food and our overall health. Understanding this will help you know how critical agriculture works.

-     You should grow at least one thing you are eating because the process of nurturing something that you know will nourish your body is just magical.


[05:59] – Evan Folds’s Personal and Professional Life

[12:05] – Why are the unknown things and searching for their answers important to humans?

[17:07] – What are the biggest challenges that humans face today?

[29:24] – Dr. Evan shares his huge mission in life

[33:42] – How can we express our purpose in life and live in line with our beliefs?

[40:10] – The connection of the threefold social organism to the economic and cultural sphere

[45:37] – What will happen if we open our worldview to a more holistic, broad, and regenerative focus?

[52:23] – Dr. Evan's advice to those seeking a more integrated and scientific approach to life, as well as a more holistic understanding of things



Nowadays, humans have slowly drifted away from where they originally came from, which is the soil. Some, whether they realize it or not,  neglect the importance of agriculture, without truly understanding how magical it is.  The Earth is designed in a way that will continue to produce life. Through the use of regenerative agriculture, humans can solve the problem of losing our life support system and ultimately produce energy and sustain life.



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