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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Jun 20, 2023

We are told to trust our doctors. Society has positioned them in a place of authority because of the rigorous schooling and training they receive. So we would expect our doctors to be well-versed on vaccinations and potential adverse side effects. What if it turned out these doctors had limited knowledge about these vaccines?  What happens if the vaccination you receive negatively affects your body, after your doctor assured you of its safety?


Today, we are fortunate to have Sheryl Ruettgers, one of the first individuals to take the stage after being injured by the COVID vaccine. She will cover various topics, ranging from the initial injury she suffered, to how her experience sparked the involvement of Senator Ron Johnson.  Sheryl also discusses the gaslighting in the healthcare system, and how important it is to speak the truth about vaccine injuries and to speak truth into power.


“I've observed people who were simply desperate to connect, believe, and heal while participating in several Facebook groups for vaccination injuries. So, a couple of months ago, I participated in a support group before I began my practice. I led a support group for those who had been injured by vaccines. I gained a lot of knowledge from these women.”  - Sheryl Ruettgers


“At the end of the day, being able to take your story and take your pain and then make new meaning out of that, regardless of what the situation, is what it means to survive.” - Sheryl Ruettgers


“Make your voice heard. Don't be afraid to speak against the bigger narrative and to speak truth to power.” - Sheryl Ruettgers 

Key Takeaways:

  • The level of acceptance that you're not who you used to be maybe incredibly challenging because you don't appreciate your health until you don't have it, and as a result, it changes. People want to share their experiences, regardless of whether there has been a vaccination injury or not. They want to know that somebody hears them and somebody sees them.

  • Overcome whatever hardship you've been exposed to.  Never be afraid to tell your story.

  • You might be the only voice. You might be the only exposure that somebody actually has, that they're on this trajectory.



[05:26] - About Sheryl Ruettgers and what happened to her after having one shot of Moderna.


[08:21] - The medical team that helps Sheryl.


[13:01] - What did Ken say when Sheryl had some symptoms?


[18:09] - How Senator Ron Johnson got involved in vaccine injuries.


[23:33] - What is one of humanity's biggest challenges today?


[33:53] - Sheryl’s journey of healing.


[40:37] - How Sheryl started her practice.


[55:06] - Speaking Truth to Power


When we bear witness to someone else being mistreated or hurt, not everyone will make the choice to stand up for what is right. Continual inaction from society contributes to the loss of personal freedoms, which has been a gradual problem in our society. We should be willing to speak up when we notice something isn't right, even if it doesn't immediately impact us. 


Life is not always fair.  But as humans we can alleviate some of the suffering by acknowledging the hardships faced by our fellow humans and value in others a way that makes life enjoyable instead of just tolerable.



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