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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Sep 4, 2023

Choosing organic and sustainable food enhances well-being by ensuring pesticide-free, nutrient-rich options that support health. Sustainable farming preserves soil, water, and biodiversity, leading to a healthier ecosystem. Opting for organic produce boosts nutrient content, promoting overall vitality. These choices prioritize health while nurturing a balanced environment.

This week, we hosted Matt Roeske on the Future Generations Podcast. He is the founder of Cultivate Elevate, which offers superfoods that are packed with nutrients. Matt’s health journey began when he overcame frequent illness by shifting to a cleaner diet.  This led to the discovery of superfoods like shilajit, inspiring a mission to share these transformative healing nutrients. In addition, Matt is extremely passionate about sharing knowledge digging into the depths of our history, and conducting research on information that has been intentionally hidden from the public.  You won’t want to miss this eye-opening episode of the Future Generations Podcast with your host, Dr. Stanton Hom!



“Humanity’s biggest challenge is just seeing that there's an abundance of everything.” – Matt Roeske

“If you feel something is wrong, or somebody is telling you something wrong, or whatever it may be, then you go with your gut instinct.” – Matt Roeske

“Our whole system is making things so complicated, when in reality, things are very simple, and we need to stick to the simple.” – Matt Roeske

Key Takeaways:

  • Humanity's greatest challenge resides in overcoming the inherent perception of scarcity and acknowledging the vast abundance of resources, opportunities, and possibilities that exist in our world.

  • Trusting your intuition and inner sense of right and wrong is essential when navigating uncertainties, questioning information, or evaluating the actions of others.

  • In the midst of complex systems, remember that simple approaches often hold the solutions and understanding we need.



[05:40] – Matt’s Introduction

[07:34] – Matt shares a story

[11:15] – The history of society’s infrastructures

[16:30] – What is the LED movement?

[23:28] – The biggest challenge humanity faces today

[26:31] – Infinity of primary water

[34:34] – Electric culture and free energy

[42:29] – Matt’s purpose and mission

[59:48] – How does Matt envision the future of the world?



In a journey toward a more abundant and harmonious existence, remember that our perception of scarcity can be reshaped into one of abundance. Trusting our intuition empowers us to navigate life's complexities, while embracing simplicity often unveils the answers we need. By acknowledging these principles, we can collectively work towards a more balanced and prosperous world.



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