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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Dec 4, 2023

In this week’s episode, Dr. Stan sat down with Joel Salatin, the godfather of regenerative farming. This episode is one of Dr. Stan’s favorites; once you dive in you’ll understand why.  Joel has played a large role in the food sovereignty movement for over 50 years, and his wisdom on personal health, family, and the transformative principles of regenerative agriculture is truly inspiring. You won’t want to miss this energizing episode that offers real solutions to the uncertainty we face today.



“I encourage anyone who actually believes in freedom and personal liberty to realize that it comes with a participatory mindset.” – Joel Salatin

“You can play around with statistics on your taxes, but nature's balance sheet doesn't lie.” – Joel Salatin

“The damage that we've done is not irreversible. In fact, it can be reversed pretty quickly if we all pull together and head the right way.” – Joel Salatin

Key Takeaways:

  • Our environmental decisions show on the planet's record. Let's care for it, as the real balance rests in our duty to protect and nurture the environment that supports us all.

  • It's not just about enjoying freedom but actively contributing to the collective commitment to uphold and protect it.

  • Let's unite in purpose, for in our shared efforts lies the ability to turn the tide toward a better, sustainable future.



[01:12] – Dr. Hom introduces Joel Salatin

[07:14] – Rediscovering true freedom

[16:48] – Nature's red flags

[27:00] – Embracing the power of regenerative agriculture

[38:15] – Understanding livestock sickness

[54:57] – Capturing rainwater for sustainable agriculture

[57:56] – Taking personal responsibility for a sustainable future



Embracing sustainable food practices and prioritizing ecological well-being is extremely important for a healthier planet. The wisdom shared by Joel in this episode emphasizes the transformative potential of sustainable agriculture, offering a path toward long-term environmental stability and a more secure future for us all.



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