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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Dec 11, 2023

This week, we had the privilege of welcoming Dr. James Thorp, an obstetrician-gynecologist, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, and also the Chief of Maternal and Prenatal Health at The Wellness Company.  Dr. Thorp will dive into the science of vaccine side effects, particularly in terms of women’s health, and fertility in both women and men. You won’t want to miss out on this eye-opening episode that details the attack on fertility, and the implications for future generations. 



"It's irrefutable that the vaccine is killing fertility, especially in women and men." – Dr James Thorp

"The medical journals have been gamed and are controlled by a massive amount of pharmaceutical dollars." – Dr James Thorp

"We're seeing rises in miscarriages, adverse outcomes that used to be very rare, especially in healthy families." – Dr James Thorp

"Published studies are often an abomination of science, like claiming COVID vaccines curb preterm births, which is false." – Dr James Thorp


Key Takeaways:

  • Always question information and narratives presented to you. Don't blindly accept information, especially when it comes to healthcare decisions. Do your own research and seek diverse perspectives.

  • In matters of health, be an active advocate for yourself or your loved ones. Understand the implications of medical decisions and make informed choices based on your unique circumstances.

  • Understand the impact of inflammation on health, particularly in pregnancy. Be cautious about substances or situations that may induce inflammation and prioritize practices that promote a healthy, low-inflammatory environment.

  • Be aware of historical instances where medical interventions had adverse effects on specific populations. Learn from past mistakes to navigate present and future healthcare decisions.

  • Take proactive steps to prioritize your immune health. Consider supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and iodine to support your immune system against various assaults.

  • Extend your health practices to protect your family. Consider natural supplements and wellness products that are potentially beneficial in mitigating adverse effects.

  • When selecting healthcare providers, consider their ethical stance and commitment to patient well-being. Look for professionals who prioritize transparency, honesty, and evidence-based practices.



[06:41] – What is Dr. James' perspective on vaccine safety and informed consent?

[10:25] – Dr. James shares his thoughts on vaccine safety concerns and the suppression of information

[29:27] – What is the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on fertility?

[40:28] – What are the alternative methods for the protection of the immune system?

[47:38] – Dr. James talks about the corruption within the medical industry

[53:13] – How does Dr. James perceive pharmaceutical industry liability and integrity?



When it comes to vaccine safety, make sure you're well-informed to make wise healthcare decisions. It is important to have discussions with your trusted healthcare professionals to understand the pros, cons, and ethical considerations of vaccination. Empower yourself with informed consent, and align decisions with your values. Stay updated on research to actively engage in discussions about vaccine safety. Taking a proactive and informed stance not only benefits you but also contributes to building a healthier and more resilient community.



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