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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Jul 20, 2023

This week’s solocast features a monologue from Dr. Stanton Hom, discussing the disastrous impact the pandemic had on our society, especially our children.  The pandemic specifically targeted the social aspect of human connection and tried to separate, isolate, and divide us from one another.   The desire and need for community is essential for the well-being of all humans. That's why at Future Generations Clinic of Chiropractic, cultivating and nurturing a supportive community is at the forefront of what we do.

In honor of our amazing community, Future Generations would like to invite you to our Annual FG Summer Fam Jam, happening this Friday, July 21st, at Kit Carson Park in Escondido.  You can RSVP here:

We are also hosting an amazing educational Cold Plunge Workshop on July 29th! Come join us and learn about the benefits of cold exposure from Dr. Stanton Hom and Dr. Ryan Kiser, complete with a breath exercise, and cold plunge!  Don’t forget to bring your towel and swimsuit.  Register for this workshop here:

The workshop is $20 for community members and FREE for all FG patients 

If you would like to learn more about the truth behind the pandemic, please check out The End of C0V1D.  Click the link to sign up: 



“We have the only podcast that's focused on families and kids that actually cares to navigate current healthcare system conversation, amplifying to the heart of freedom.” – Dr. Stanton Hom

“Over the last three years, we have been the most vocal practice, the most vocal office, and the most vocal podcast with regard to these health challenges that our kids are all experiencing. ” –  Dr. Stanton Hom

“We're known for these community building events in our community, we celebrate life, we celebrate our values, we celebrate this innate infinite potential that not just individuals have deeply inside of them, but that families have in a relationship together ” –  Dr. Stanton Hom

Key Takeaways:

-       During the pandemic, when people are starving for in-person connection,  Dr. Stanton helps build the bridge to connect people with each other face to face.

-     There is a deficiency of smiling faces and human connection. However, people pay little attention to it, not knowing that it is crucial to maintain good mental health.

- Dr. Stanton creates opportunities through various live events for the community. These events enable kids to have opportunities to grow for their future. Furthermore, these events help the community have a stronger relationship with one another.



[00:32] – Drastic Change For Future Generations Chiropractic Clinic

[02:14] – How the Future Generations Started?

[05:43] – The Effect Of The Current Toxic System On Kid's Health

[08:55] – The Epidemic Of Neurodevelopmental And Neurobehavioral Challenges 

[10:38] – Simple Solution in Mental Health Crisis

[14:37] –  The Benefit Of Being In The Aligned Community

[15:44] – Importance of Creating Opportunity for Kids

[17:17] – Invitation for the 28th cold exposure workshop

[20:21] – Listen, Learn, and Enjoy the Top Ten Episodes



Human connection is vital for human health. No one should ever stop us from coming together as a community.  Are you still looking for your tribe? Stop by our FG Summer Fam Jam this Friday, 7/21 - we’d love to meet you!

RSVP here:



Learn more about Dr. Stanton Hom on: