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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

Apr 10, 2023

Early childhood development is a time of both immense opportunity and great vulnerability. Many children are unable to reach their full potential due to poor environmental conditions. Their body awareness is fundamental to their daily lives and is usually prioritized over social-emotional development, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and other skills. Understanding how to foster this body awareness is critical to your child's general health and way of life. This awareness can result in children that have a clear, loving connection to their body and knowing, loving, and trusting themselves!

Today, we are so fortunate to have Alison Elsberry. She is a skilled healer and Craniosacral Therapist with over 20 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist. She is currently pursuing a degree in prenatal and perinatal psychology. With her unique gifts and sacred experiences, she has helped thousands of children and families all over the world. Don’t miss this exciting episode of the Future Generations Podcast with your host, Dr. Stanton Hom!



“If you remain curious as a witness and observer to your child's experience versus ‘Oh, I think there's something wrong and we need to fix that.’ Those are two very different energies and children immensely feel that.” – Alison Elsberry

“Honor each individual's perspective of where they might be coming from. Offer a different way of looking at something and don’t make it about right or wrong.” – Alison Elsberry

“We really need to look at how we can help the future generations coming in to stay connected with their bodies and the source of who they are.” – Alison Elsberry

Key Takeaways:

  • You need to be able to know your priorities and approach when dealing with children because your decisions will affect them throughout their lives.

  • Be more open-minded if you want other people to open their minds to you as well.

  • It is important for everyone to have knowledge of their roots. We should all make sure that future generations are aware of it.



[06:10] – Alison’s Introduction

[13:42] – The solidification of a child’s personality

[15:43] – What inspires Alison?

[17:57] – Development milestones

[36:19] – How your intentions and approach affect a child’s development

[39:32] – Alison talks about Brilliant & Barefoot and Embodied Brilliance

[47:44] – The sacred connection time

[57:13] – The connection between parent and child

[01:12:24] – Focusing on solutions and creating the new way



Early childhood development is a critical component of a child’s future that should be nurtured and supported. Every parent must comprehend and be aware of the importance of the first several years of their child's life. They should not be afraid to conduct research or seek assistance on this subject if necessary. It is not too late for your child to reach their full potential!



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