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Future Generations Podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom

May 10, 2021

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In this episode, Farmer Paul brings a depth of hope and inspiration to a world that is seemingly degenerating at a alarming rate. Fueled by his military career, Faith and his own inner healing, Farmer Paul literally breathes life into the Earth, his animals and his customers. The story of Regenerative Farming is the story of healing Planet Earth and Humanity from the inside out. 

Paul Greive is the founder of Primal Pastures and Pasturebird, and a leader in regenerative agriculture where livestock animals are being utilized to build healthy soil, sequester carbon, and provide nutrient dense food.  After growing up a city kid and completing a career in college track and field, Paul's interest in food as medicine started after contracting Lyme disease during Marine Corps sniper command school in the backwoods of Virginia.  

He and his family adopted Paleo back in 2010 and they started to understand more about the misleading label claims currently in the meat industry.  They ordered 50 chickens for their backyard, and the business was born.  

Today, Primal Pastures feeds more than 1,000 families around Southern California with pasture raised beef, lamb, pork, chicken and even wild caught fish.  Paul is currently focused full time on Pasturebird, a project that aims to scale pastured livestock production to help make nutrient dense meats more accessible and affordable nationwide.


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